DALLAS Police confirmed an officer-involved shooting Monday afternoon at an apartment complex Military Parkway and St. Augustine Road in Southeast Dallas.

The incident occurred at 3:10 p.m. One suspect was shot, and was transported to Baylor Hospital in critical condition.

All officers are accounted for and okay.

Investigators were focusing their attention on a parked red car.

Officers say they had spotted a car reported stolen in a carjacking in the 3600 block of St. Augustine Road. As police continued surveillance on the vehicle, they saw additional suspects get in, and officers called for reinforcements.

The car sped away briefly, then stopped, and the suspects exited the car.

'One of the officers engaged one of the suspects exiting the passenger side, which led to the officer firing their weapon at the suspect,' police said in a written statement.

The other suspects ran from the vehicle and are still at large.

Neighbors told News 8 they did not hear any gunshots, but they did hear screeching tires.

Access to the gated apartment complex was sealed off during the initial stages of the investigation.


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