The traffic backup on southbound Interstate-35 in Denton County still extends for more than 12 miles as of 10:30 p.m. Friday.

Some drivers have been stuck in the traffic for almost 10 hours and told to be patient until the interstate is safe enough for travel.

News 8 spoke with one driver, Slade Wilson, live on News 8 at 10. He said he had been in traffic for nine-and-a-half or ten hours and in that time, had moved maybe a quarter-mile. He chose to stay in the car because it was a company vehicle.

He's spoken to other drivers stuck in the gridlock.

'They're just frustrated, most everybody is just turning their cars on and off trying to conserve gas and stay warm,' Wilson said.

He's prepared to stay with the vehicle through the night Friday, but said all bets were off if the road wasn't cleared by Saturday morning.

'I'll stay tonight, but we'll see about tomorrow. I figure it won't be too bad,' he said. 'I've got quite a bit of gas, so I'll be alright.'

The driver in front of him had just given up, pulling their car to the side and walking down the road.

As for bathroom breaks?

'There's been a few people on the side of the road,' Wilson said, chuckling.

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