DENTON -- Through nearly impassible neighborhood, bridges with several inches of solidified sleet, and ice-pockmarked freeways, it took nearly three hours for a News 8 crew to travel from Grapevine to Denton.

Many truckers found themselves stranded, unable to deliver their loads.

Tyler Levron tried to beat the storm from Iowa. He said his boss is not happy he didn't make it.

'I guess he's not,' he says, 'because we aren't making any money.'

Denton police report very few accidents, saying people stayed of the roads. Police say an iced-over bridge at Interstate-35E at mile marker 475 (between Milam Rd & 156 into Sanger), however, backed up traffic for six miles and caused drivers to sit for hours.

Amir Alwani said based on news reports, he thought the roads look fine.

'Not too bad,' he said.

It still took him three hours to drive from Coppell to Decatur.

Friday night, low temperatures are expected to refreeze any moisture on the roads, making any driving hazardous again Saturday.

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