BURLESON Three Burleson families will be spending Thanksgiving Day at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas praying for their loved ones who were injured in a backyard blast in the 400 block of Southeast Gardens Boulevard late Wednesday afternoon.

Four teens who were home alone during the incident suffered serious burns. Nick Russell, 17; his brother, Cameron, 13; and an 18-year-old and another 13-year-old were injured in the explosion.

Investigators said the boys had been playing with gasoline and fire when the flammable liquid 'flashed.'

'I'm all shook up,' said Donna Russell, the aunt of Nick and Cameron. 'There are no words to describe what happened right here the day before Thanksgiving.'

The explosion happened at 4:30 p.m. Thursday. Neighbors called 911 after hearing a loud boom.

'I was drinking coffee, and I just heard a big, loud explosion,' said John Hampton. 'I came out to see what was going on and you can hear screaming in the backyard.'

The two most seriously injured boys were taken to Parkland by medical helicopters. The other two were transported by ambulance.

One of the boys was listed in critical condition Wednesday night; two have non-life threatening injuries. The other boy's condition was not released.

Investigators told News 8 the kids started a small fire and then poured gasoline on it. Seconds later came the flash.

'The kids told me they were having to roll the kids around,' said Fire Marshal Stacy Singleton. 'One of them had his clothes on fire.'

'At this point, all we can do is pray,' Donna Russell said.


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