The U.S. Geological Survey recorded two small earthquakes in northeast Parker County within six minutes around noon Tuesday... then a third, larger one little more than six hours later.

A 3.6-magnitude quake struck one mile north-northwest of Azle at 6:40 p.m. It was the strongest tremor in North Texas in five years.

'Pretty hard jolt here in Boyd,' wrote Lisa Anderson on the WFAAFacebook page. 'Walls and stuff on them and bookcases rattled pretty good.'

'Was putting a ham in the oven for dinner,' added Adam Rust in Azle. 'Turned around and heard all of the dishes shaking in the cabinets.'

Crystal Thomason said she felt it in Springtown. 'House shook, threw me into my couch, and it was crazy!'

'I'm in Newark, and it's the strongest one yet,' said Wendy Whittington Cromer.

The first tremor of the day registered as a 2.5-magnitude tremor struck at 11:57 a.m. along Tower Street, four miles northwest of Azle.

Then, at 12:03, a 2.8-magnitude quake hit at a location two miles west of Azle around Macanudo Lane.

Some residents reported cracks in sheetrock and other minor damage.

'We felt both,' Kristie Williams Smith said on WFAA's Facebook page after the initial two quakes. 'Once the couch shook and the house creaked. The second one I was standing, it vibrated my feet and there was a loud 'boom.''

'Definitely felt the one at 12:03 in Newark,' wrote Karrisa Moseley. 'Felt like something hit and shook the whole house!'

These are the latest in a series of 12 small earthquakes in North Texas in November. Ten of those quakes have struck in the same general area.

The biggest earthquake ever in Texas was in 1931, estimated to be a 6.0 magnitude near the town of Valentine in West Texas.

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