FORT WORTH A former Benbrook police detective was arrested almost three months after a hit-and-run accident that left four people hurt in Fort Worth.

Jason Montgomery faces charges in connection with the August crash in Fort Worth. The arrest warrant obtained by News 8 says Montgomery and Benbrook colleague Sgt. Chad Peabody ran from the scene after a witness yelled at them.

They left behind their vehicle and four people who were injured, police said.

Montgomery and Peabody were off-duty at the time. They resigned days after the accident.

Documents show that investigators found Montgomery's business cards and registration inside his pickup truck. On the back windshield, they noticed a police sticker from a law enforcement organization.

Fort Worth police launched a helicopter to search for the men who fled the accident scene. The chopper's infrared radar picked up a car near Montgomery's home.

An officer pulled it over for a traffic violation. The driver identified himself as Jason Lee, also an officer with the Benbrook Police Department, who has since resigned.

The passenger identified himself as Jason Montgomery.

According to the documents, the officer asked Montgomery about his pickup truck. He said 'it was stolen.' Documents indicate that the officer noticed red marks on Montgomery's chin and neck, possibly from an air bag deployment.

Crash witnesses were unable to place Montgomery or Peabody at the scene of the accident, but Fort Worth police said DNA lifted from the airbag was a match for Montgomery.

'It was a tragic accident,' said Montgomery's lawyer Jim Lane in a written statement. 'Mr. Montgomery has cooperated with the investigation and will continue to cooperate.'

It's not yet clear whether Peabody and Lee will also face charges in connection with the crash.


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