LITTLE ELM -- Little Elm High School was put under precautionary lockdown Wednesday morning after a rumor of a potential threat and possible possession of a weapon at the school.

According to Little Elm Police Chief Waylan Rhodes, a freshman student in response to teasing told a classmate he was going to bring a gun to school. Police found the student with his mother in Dallas after they initially could not find him at his home and he didn't come to classes Wednesday.

Chief Rhodes said the student had been made fun of and responded facetiously that he was going to bring a weapon to the school.

Little Elm police did a sweep of the school, and parents and visitors are encouraged not to come to campus at this time.

Little Elm Town Manager Matt Mueller told News 8 they were erring on the side of caution until the student is found.

'The safety of our community and the safety of the students at Little Elm High School is our utmost priority, so anything we need to do to ensure that the students are safe, that's the direction we're taking this,' he said.

The lockdown was lifted around 11:30 a.m. after the student was located.

'This was an excellent example of how the system works,' Little Elm ISDSuperintendent Lynne Leuthard said in a written statement. 'Practicing with our students and staff how to respond in this type situation paid off today.'

The school district said online rumors that shots had been fired at the school or that threats had been made via Facebook were untrue.

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