ARLINGTON Lauren Mitchell is a teenager who loves Halloween, but she said she's hurt after a trip to an Arlington haunted house last Thursday.

The 13-year-old said she was going through The Boneyard near Six Flags Mall when a clown jumped out to scare her and her family.

'When he popped out of nowhere, he came close to my eye,' Lauren said. 'I didn't know what he was doing. He just came real close to my eye, and poked me in the eye.'

Her mother Sandy was with her. She said they didn't sign any kind of waiver before entering the haunted house.

'I said, 'I want to speak to the owner or the manager.' They did go get this manager a guy named Dan and he wasn't really interested,' Sandy Mitchell said.

Lauren's mom said she exchanged numbers with the attraction's owner before heading to Las Colinas Medical Center, where the teen learned she had a burned cornea.

'It felt like scratching and like claws were in my eyes,' Lauren said.

Through it all, Sandy Mitchell said she tried to contact the owner of the haunted house.

'From the hospital, I did leave him a message on The Boneyard phone number; I did leave him an e-mail the next day,' she said, adding that her calls and messages were not returned.

Dan Hall, the owner of The Boneyard, told News 8 a different story off-camera.

He said no incidents have been brought to his attention involving a patron who required medical attention so far this year. He said there are plans in place to care for anyone who's hurt at the haunted house, but he said Lauren's story didn't ring a bell.

That's frustrating for Sandy Mitchell, who said her daughter is suffering. She has reported the incident to Arlington police.

'Even if it is an accident or not, take responsibility,' she said.


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