DALLAS (AP) A 430-pound anti-social gorilla who's spent 18 years at the Dallas Zoo will be moved to a South Carolina facility for a more solitary existence.

The Dallas Zoo on Monday announced the planned transfer of 23-year-old Patrick to the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, S.C.

Dallas Zoo officials for years tried to create social relationships for Patrick. His response to female gorillas ranged from indifference to aggression.

Zoo veterinarian Lynn Kramer says it's clear that Patrick prefers a solitary life. Dallas Zoo officials will now concentrate on working with other male gorillas in a species survival plan. In a statement on their website, zoo officials said they will now introduce their newest gorillas, Shana and Zola, to B'wenzi and Juba.

No move date was announced for Patrick, who was born in New York at the Bronx Zoo but due to maternal neglect was moved to the Toronto Zoo, then Texas.

The Dallas Zoo will offer $5 admission Saturday and Sunday as they say goodbye to Patrick with cupcakes for guests and a treat for the gorilla. They have also asked visitors to share photos and memories of Patrick on Instagram and their Facebook page.

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