DALLAS An undercover Dallas police officer shot a man he thought was going for a gun early Saturday morning.

Two undercover officers working a car burglary detail observed a man standing next to a sport utility vehicle in the parking lot of the post office in the 2900 block of Oak Lawn Avenue shortly before 2 a.m.

A woman got out of the SUV, screaming for help as the man apparently was trying to rob another man who was in the vehicle.

An officer who was not in uniform let the suspect know he was dealing with police.

'He got out of his vehicle, and that's when the suspect immediately turned around and pointed his weapon, started coming towards the officer,' said Deputy Chief Sherryl Scott. 'The officer, in fear for his life, drew his weapon and fired three shots, striking the suspect.'

The suspect, identified as Brian Branch, 31, was struck once on his right side, but continued to try and avoid the officer.

'Suspect Branch was apprehended as he collapsed in the 2900 block of Shelby Avenue,' Chief Scott said. 'He was transported to Parkland Hospital by Dallas Fire-Rescue, where he remains in critical condition.'

Scott said initial reports of a second suspect could not later be confirmed.

She said the suspect did not fire his weapon in the confrontation with the undercover officer. Branch is facing two 1st-degree felony charged: aggravated assault of a public servant and aggravated robbery.

No one else was hurt. The officer who opened fire was not named.

Scott said the undercover officers were part of an ongoing investigation into vehicle burglaries in the Oak Lawn neighborhood.

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