FORT WORTH -- TCU students say they feel safe, but are taking precautions after a campus crime alert this week.

It was the third since classes resumed last month.

The latest incident happened about noon Wednesday on Lowden Street near Forest Park Boulevard. A female student told TCU police a stranger pulled over and repeatedly told her she needed to get into his vehicle. She alerted a nearby male student, and the man drove off.

The vehicle is described as a blue Ford Escape, a small SUV. The suspect was described as an overweight black male between 40 and 45 years old, according to a crime alert sent out by the TCU police.

Students say they appreciate the e-mail crime alerts.

'My first one came my first day on campus,' said freshman Meghan Newton. 'Someone was held up at gunpoint on Berry Street. It was terrifying.'

Newton, who is from a small town in Alabama, said she feels safe on campus. She, and fellow freshman Faith Lawrence, say they walk in groups at night or frequently use Froggie Five-O. It's a door-to-door golf cart shuttle staffed by students.

Police say it is a safe campus. The other crime alert this semester involved an alleged sexual assault by an acquaintance.


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