MESQUITE -- When you hand over your credit or debit card to pay for something, how closely do you watch it?

Tammy Anderson is glad she had an eye on hers recently.

'I literally saw him slide it three times,' she said. 'And I said, 'Are you going to charge me three times?' He said, 'No ma'am. It didn't go through.''

Anderson visited a local T-Mobile store to pay her $253 cell phone bill and upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy 4 for $60.31. But when reviewing her online bank statement the following day, Anderson discovered all those swipes she witnessed really did happen.

T-Mobile debited her account for almost $1,000.

It immediately corrected one $253 charge and one $60.31 charge, but not other charges totaling more than $300.

'When you look at our account,' Anderson said, 'we don't have enough to cover anything.'

T-Mobile's error left her bank account overdrawn by $56, and the family's pantry is getting bare.

Anderson said representatives from the Mesquite retail store promised to refund her money in 24-to-48 hours. But ten days passed and the mobile phone carrier did nothing.

Not until News 8 contacted its Seattle headquarters did the company finally pay her back. Anderson said T-Mobile even paid the overdraft fees caused by its mistake.

Still, the experience has her rethinking four years of loyalty to T-Mobile, while also urging others to closely watch their card and their account.


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