Irving Independent School District trustee Norma Gonzales stepped down earlier this month following an arrest for shoplifting.

Police dash cam video obtained by News 8 Thursday shows exactly what police found when they pulled her over, and her reaction.

It was early Saturday morning, Aug. 3, when an Irving police officer pulled Gonzales over in the 7800 block of MacArthur Blvd.

She had just left a Walmart in the 1600 block of Market Place. A clerk called police saying Gonzales left the store with her purse stuffed full of stolen merchandise.

In the video, the officer is seen approaching Gonzales car. After rolling down the window, the officer asked Gonzales if she knows why he stopped her. Before he tells her why, she has an explanation ready, claiming that every time she goes into the store, the theft alarms go off because of a sensor she has on her key chain.

"This is not working properly, so it always goes off, Gonzales can be heard saying to the officer. I always go shopping there and it always goes off, so they already know for the most part that when I go, it happens."

The officer then asked, "So why did they call us then?"

Gonzales answered, continuing with her explanation about the alarms, Well, I have no idea, because when I was walking out I showed the guy."

Gonzales eventually got out of the car. The officer searched her purse and can be seen pulling out several pieces of shapewear, two air freshener packs, four CD s and three bottles of cleaning sprays.

At one point, a female officer can be heard saying that Gonzales has admitted she stole everything except the cleaning sprays. Police found $170 worth of merchandise in the purse.

Gonzales is cuffed and led away to the police cruiser. She s overheard in the background, out of view of the camera, asking to call her daughter. The officer replied that she could call her daughter when she arrives at the jail.

Gonzales submitted her resignation to Irving ISD Interim Superintendent Weldon Hafley and Board President Dr. Steven Jones the following Monday.


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