GRANBURY Officer. Chad Davis is modest. He says does not remember much about what happened to him on June 28, but his chief says what he did was nothing short of heroic.He took two bullets, an act that his chief credits with saving countless lives.

But those two bullets changed him forever.

"I'm doing good, really," he said, "recovering slowly but surely."

He's using a crutch to walk, but that he is even here to walk feels like a true miracle.

"Yeah, it could've been a whole lot worse situation," he said.

Davis spoke publicly for the first time since being shot six weeks ago. The interview took place at City Hall. Just outside that building is where the shooting happened.From where he was sitting, he could see the red spray-painted circles still marking the spots where bullet fragments and shell casings were found.

On Friday, June 28, Davis and other officers got in a shootout with a man who had shot and killed Sgt. Lance McLean, a Hood County deputy, minutes earlier.Davis had heard the call from dispatchers to be on the lookout for the suspect's van.He was the first to spot it.

The van stopped when it became sandwiched between Davis's cruiser and a sheriff's department vehicle.

Granbury Chief Mitch Galvan says Davis left the cover of his car and put himself in the line of fire to draw attention away from innocent bystanders who were standing nearby.Suspect Ricky Don McCommas shot him in the left knee and right arm. McCommas was shot and killed.

"I'm not glad I got shot, but I'm glad it turned out the way it did, with very little," he said, pausing as he choked up. "Unfortunately, for Sgt. McLean... " he looked down and his voice trailed off.

McLean was a fellow public servant and a friend.

"You know, he gave the ultimate sacrifice," Davis continued.

But Davis sacrificed too, and that's why Granbury is saying thanks with a huge 5K run and walk Saturday morning.

Five hundred people are expected. It is not a timed event and it's free, organized by friends. They're hoping participants donate or buy T-shirts to be a part. It takes place at 7:30 a.m. at Hewlett Park in Granbury. And the Davis family will be there.

"My daughter, Natalie, she's looking forward to her first 5K for Daddy," he said with a smile.

Davis just had surgery on his knee. It is healing fast, but his arm is healing much more slowly than he'd like.

"Yeah, it's paralyzed from my shoulder down to my elbow," he said.

He suffered significant nerve damage in his arm and is waiting on another evaluation from a doctor in four to six weeks to determine how to proceed.

He says he hurts "every day," but a determination to return to the force, plus the love of his family and his entire town, ease the pain.

"Yeah, it's been overwhelming, the community, I can't give enough thanks," he said. "It's helping me heal."


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