FRISCO The Frisco Independent School District is desperately trying to keep up with the city's growth.

In 1998, the district only had 3,800 students. Today, just 15 years later, there are 45,000. And by 2020, the district estimates it will have 62,000.

Sonia Gsopze just moved her family to Frisco. Her three kids will be new students at Frisco ISD schools.

"I just know this is the right place for my kids to be raised," said Gsopze.

The Gsopzes are among the 3,000 new students that will start school on August 26. That's been the average yearly increase in enrollment over the last 10 years.

"In 1997, when I came we had about 3700 kids and four buildings," said Deputy Superintendent Richard Wilkinson. "And of course, we have over 50 now, 50 schools."

Construction has been underway at Frisco High School, the district's oldest, to make room for more students. They're adding 12 classrooms, two science labs, a new library, a new gym and an expanded cafeteria.

It's one of two high schools where work is being done to accommodate 300 more students. Three other Frisco high schools went through similar work over the last three years.

And with the housing market back on track, Frisco's population explosion is expected to soar.

"We think it will impact us even more next summer," said Wilkinson.

Frisco is only halfway to the full build out, which means many more new neighborhoods. In the next two years, the district will build two new high schools, three elementary schools and one middle school. District leaders say they don't expect the numbers to slow down for at least five years.


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