FORT WORTH -- It's a busy intersection at Sycamore School and Crowley Roads in Fort Worth, but it's hard to miss the flowers and crosses on one corner.

The neighborhood hasn't forgotten Deston Bibbs.

"It hit home in my heart seriously," said a friend, Sherika Jones.

Deston, 14, was run over April 25 while he was riding his bike. The incident happened around 9:20 p.m. The teen died from his injuries the day after.

The driver who allegedly hit him was a mystery, until now.

Documents obtained by News 8 show police found the driver five weeks after the deadly accident.

While surveillance video from a gas station and a dry cleaning business at the intersection offered no clues, the city's red light camera on Sycamore School Road did. It records eastbound traffic.

The video footage does not show the crash, but 40 seconds before Deston's body was found, the camera caught an 18-wheeler making a turn to head south on Crowley road.

Investigators suspected it was a truck possibly transporting water to or from from a gas well site nearby.

According to the documents, 3-Star Daylighting, a trucking company in Cresson, was servicing the well that night.

Police went to the company and located the truck, No. 110 on May 21. The documents show that the tire tread matched the marks left on Deston's clothes.

The unnamed driver met the case investigator on June 3 and was interviewed.

"They stated they were unaware that they had hit anything that night, and provided a written statement staying as much," the officer wrote.

For Jones, who lived next to Deston and his family, the news broke her heart.

"A person taking somebody else's life, regardless if you feel you didn't know you actually hit something or somebody, you are still going to stop and check," she said. "Anything, you never know. It hurts. It could have been one of my kids."

"I do not believe, nor can I prove that the driver knew they were involved in an accident and thus did not intentionally or knowingly leave the scene," the investigator stated in the documents.

News 8 called the trucking company for comment, but officials told us they could not provide any information.

We also contacted Deston's family, but did not receive a response.


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