DALLAS Dallas police say a person of interest in an unsolved triple homicide lit a woman on fire after hogtying and beating her at her northeast Dallas apartment Sunday evening.

Christopher Price, 28, is being held on $300,000 bond at the Dallas County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police say his girlfriend, Lesley Warren, is recovering with severe burns at Parkland Memorial Hospital.

"He just poured alcohol on her head and lit toilet paper and threw it, and caught her on fire," said Warren s friend, Crystal Gutierrez.

On Thursday, she sifted through burned pictures of her best friend, a woman she calls her sister. She said Price "left her to die."

When Dallas Fire-Rescue firefighters arrived, they could see flames shooting out of the windows of Warren s apartment on Rolling Rock in northeast Dallas.

The worst burns are on her back, Gutierrez said.

Police have also arrested Price's sister, Christina.They say she allegedly went to Gutierrez' apartment and accused Warren of leading police to her brother, then threatened to harm her and Warren's children, who Gutierrez is taking care of while their mother recovers.

She said, 'they are going to come back missing like my brother had to come up missing,' Gutierrez said.

Police arrested Christina Price for retaliation, and say she has a criminal history that includes arson.In 2008, she was arrested for allegedly trying to set an apartment complex office on fire.

Gutierrez said Warren was trying to leave Price, and believes that s what led to the violence.

My sister is the sweetest person you will ever meet in your life, and she did not deserve to be set on fire by him," she said.

Dallas police say Price is also a person of interest in a triple homicide from November of last year at a North Dallas motel room. A cleaning crew found a woman and two men shot in the head.

The victims were 22-year-old Ingrid Ramirez, 27-year-old Marco Barajas and 26-year-old Manases Perez.

Police say Price had been dating Ingrid Ramirez for a year.


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