HUNTSVILLE -- Fifteen years after a pair of North Texas road rage killings took Douglas Feldman off the streets and into a death row cell, the rage still appears to exist.

The 55-year-old Feldman is set for execution Wednesday evening in Huntsville.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials declined to make him available to reporters as his death date approached after one media session never even got under way because he ripped the telephone from the prison visiting cage.

It's among 136 disciplinary cases Feldman's has accumulated while on death row.

Feldman faces lethal injection for the shooting deaths of two truckers gunned down about 45 minutes apart on a Plano freeway in August 1998. The shooting of a third man a week later led to Feldman's arrest. The man was wounded in the shooting but did not die.

In 1999, Robert Riggs, a former WFAA investigative reporter, interviewed Feldman from prison. Feldman was a financial consultant and graduate from Southern Methodist University before his deadly crime spree that led to his death row sentence.

"I don't know," Feldman told Riggs. "Life just seemed unfair. You know, I would see things on the news where people like JFK Jr. just had millions fall into their lap because their great grandfather was some type of robber baron and this guy just has some sort of Cinderella life. And on some very basic level that really pissed me off."

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