FORT WORTH July 5 brought little relief for fire fighters still weary from the Independence Day festivities, which concluded with hundreds of reports of brush fires throughout the area.

Onenear Crowley spread so fast Friday morning it drew at least eight departments with 22 trucks.

"We got a quick attack on it and kept it from pressing into the houses just to the north of us," said Crowley Division Chief Larry Swartz.

Fields are so dry, it takes only a spark. Rising temperatures make it that much tougher.

"As warm as it is I try to rotate people in and out so we don't get anyone hurt," Swartz said.

Fireworks fires started at sundown Thursday.

A blaze apparently caused by falling embers interrupted the city of Fort Worth's big show along the Trinity River.It was one of more than 100 grass fires in Fort Worth Thursday night.

Officials say one fire fighter was treated at a hospitalafter someone actually shot him with a roman candle.MedStar transported a total of three people for minor fireworks injuries overnight, including a 2 year old.

Investigators believe private fireworks likely started a brush fire near Rendon in south Tarrant County about 7:30 p.m. Thursday.It took about two hours to put it out.

Just south of there, Johnson County recorded 126 fire related calls.

Fire resources were spread thin across Tarrant County.

"Last night all our fire departments that cover unincorporated areas were out chasing grass fires," said Fire Marshal Randy Renois.

He didn't get much sleep.

"In my mind it was busier last night than last year. Last year we ran 31 fires," he said.

When the numbers came in late Friday,he was right: This year it was 49.


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