FRISCO -- Teachers at a Frisco middle school are losing weight and getting fit, with the help of some unique young diet coaches.

They're eighth graders.

Staley Middle School Health teacher John Maupin gave his students a unique assignment: coach 17 teachers and administrators toward living healthier lifestyles.

"I told them, 'You're accountable for that kid's grade,'" Maupin said. "And they're like, 'What, we're accountable?' I said, 'Yes, but they're also accountable to you to get you healthier.'"

Assistant Principal Sonya Neal is also getting wellness advice from the kids.

"They look at administrators as the mean people whenever they re in trouble," Neal said. "And for me, it's just them seeing us in a different light."

Groups of students visit each teacher regularly and hold them accountable for their changed eating and fitness choices.

"We've changes his habits completely," said Aaron Powell, one of the student coaches. "And that's the biggest thing for me, seeing somebody [go from] eating tortilla chips on the couch every night to running on the treadmill."

One teacher told us he just got an encouraging health report from his doctor, who told him the student coaches probably prolonged his life.


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