COLLEYVILLE When Teleasha and Kevin Smith leave their young son Wyatt alone, it's tough not to worry. The fourth grader suffers multiple seizures every day without warning. And his parents aren't always there.

But Izzy is.

At O.C. Taylor Elementary School, staff and students have rallied around the boy and his dog. Brave Wyatt attends school each day despite the risk of having a seizure and collapsing.

"In the past he's had upwards of 10 grand mal seizures a day.Those are the convulsive seizures. He still has seizures not as severe as convulsive seizures everyday," says Teleasha Smith, Wyat's mother.

In February, Wyatt was diagnosed with Niemann pick type C-a rare disease that causes epilepsy and cataplexy, which is a sudden loss of muscle control that causes him to fall down.

"There currently is no cure. It's always fatal. We know that he'll end up in a wheelchair. We know we'll eventually have to have a feeding tube. And eventually have 24/7 nursing care," said his mother.

Now 10 years old, Mom and dad say his motor skills have deteriorated rapidly, especially in the last year.

"Right now he is on a three or four-year-old level," said his father Kevin Smith. "Ayear ago he was playing with kids down the street."

"It's difficult," said his mother withtears rolling down her face. "We're just trying to keep him healthy and happy for as long as possible and enjoy every day."

For Wyatt, this is the help he needed. Izzy is a service dog who watches over him 24/7.

"When he has a seizure she can be there to comfort him," Mrs. Smith said. "When he's at the houseshe canalert Kevin and I when he has a seizure at nighttime."

It's a relief for the Smith's to know that when they are not with Wyatt, Izzy is. This, allthanks to the people who helped raise money to purchase her at Wyatt's school and elsewhere.

Izzy is currently training to be Wyatt's constant companion. While this little boy loves his dog, it's his parents who make him smile the most.

"My peanut is incredible," saidKevin Smith as he paused to wipe away his tears. "Sorry. Peanut is my funny one in the family."

And on this week before Mother's Day, Teleasha Smith became emotionalwhen expressing her only wish: "That a cure is found soon."


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