News 8 Daybreak's tech guru Steve Greenberg, of GadgetNation, shares some high-tech gadgets that can help you when you find yourself with a problem.

NIO ($69.95): We all lose things, sometimes it's inconvenient and other times it's disastrous. NIO makes it preventable. The NIO system virtually chains your iPad/iPhone to a NIO Tag to prevent your device and other valuables from going missing. The NIO Tag is a Bluetooth accessory that can be attached to almost any belonging you wish to keep with you like your keys, wallet, purse, laptop or carry-on. Your device and the NIO Tag act like a buddy system alarming if they become separated. And, with the recent rash of "Apple Picking" the NIO could be a phone saver. The benefit of having your iPhone connected to a NIO is that you can set it to lock as soon as the set distance between the phone and let's say your keys has been exceeded, the wireless chain between them is broken. Not only will an alarm sound scaring the theif, but it will also lock the phone instantaneously protecting the phone and the contents within in and disabling them from changing the pin. An automatic notification can also be sent with a geotag notifying where the where the theft occurred The NIO Tag is sleek, small and lightweight and will last two to four months on a single charge.

iSucker ($24.95):Crazy name, cool product. Can't find a comfortable way to hold your tablet? iSucker is the solution. The iSucker uses a proven suction technology that secures to the back of your iPad or tablet making it easier to hold in your hands, rotate and share information with others. You can also set it on a desk, tray table or any other flat surface and use the iSucker as a stand in portrait or landscape. When using the iSucker the weight of the device ergonomically cradles in the palm of your hand, leaving your other hand free to swipe and type. It's the easiest way to hold your iPad or tablet. The iSucker is available in a variety of colors.

GrooveBook: My new favourite application. You have a camera roll filled with pictures, but no easy way to share and enjoy them. Groovebook is the solution. It's a free app that prints your monthly camera roll into a beautiful 4.5" x 6.5" photobook for $2.99 and mails it to you monthly. Your photos are printed on glossy photo paper and are perforated for easy removal so you can share, frame or put into albums and they also include the location and date outside of perforation for reference. It's easy to use. Just review and select your photos. Upload and receive your GrooveBook in the mail in about seven days

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