FRISCO On Tuesday night, Frisco outlined an aggressive plan to fight the West Nile virus.

Leaders say the city needs better monitoring of mosquitoes and even birds. Currently there are only two surveillance spots for West Nile in Frisco. The new plan would add six locations.

The city also unveiled its risk and response criteria: Five different stages that puts certain actions into motion based on the risk level.

"We want to have some specific triggers based on data. That's really what it is about," said Mayor Maher Maso.

But an issue that is of major concern to residents is still up in the air: Aerial spraying. It's also what led Council members to decide to table the issue for another day.

Council members said the plan needs to better define when aerial spraying is an option.

"I think that's something that needs to be done on a regional level and determined by people who know more about the problem than we do," said one city employee.

A date for a final vote has not yet been scheduled.


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