FORT WORTH When Truett Greer Myers (also known as "Crash") came into this world, he changed his parents' lives, and all for the better.

It's awesome, watching him grown into a little man, said Crash s dad, Drew Myers.

In a few months, Crash will no longer be an only child.

We prayed about it, Myers said. It truly is a miracle.

Drew and Tanya Myers of Fort Worth are holding a raffle online to name their daughter. They see the contest as a celebration of life. Conceiving hasn't been easy for the couple.

We've had miscarriages, a molar pregnancy some definite setbacks," the real estate agent said. "And now, in August, we are having another baby, so we are extremely happy. We are thrilled!

The couple chose Ily for their daughter's first name, an abbreviation for "I love you." It s a tribute to Drew's mom, who ends every letter, text and e-mail with "ILY."

The participants in the raffle will pick Ily's middle name.

There's a fear factor on what the name is going to be, but I think that's cool, Myers said.

Here are the rules for the raffle:

No names starting with B will be accepted (they want to avoid the initials IBM or IBS if Ily marries someone with the last name "Smith")

There are some beautiful names with B, but IBM? It has nothing to do with the technology company, I just said, no, we are going to avoid that, Myers said.

The couple also retains the right to decline an entry.

We already issued our first right of refusal, Tanya Myers said. It came from our niece, and her submission was 'Hotdog.'

No silly names will be allowed, but, Drew and Tanya promise they will not abuse this power.

We are not going to refuse it because we don't like it, Tanya said. "We want to hear the story behind it, too... that's going to make it meaningful to us.

Ily's middle name will be selected on July 1. There s a $25 entry fee to take part in the raffle. The Myers said all the money will go to the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center, a non-profit, Christian-based organization that offers free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and options counseling.

We kind of look at it like this: A big thank you note to God, Drew said. "He blessed us, and we are saying, 'thank you.'


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