DALLAS Nearly 10 years ago, the City of Dallas laid out a master plan designed to bring parks to downtown.

Today, we've got Main Street Garden, Belo Garden, and even a park over a freeway Klyde Warren Park.

With so much already done, the city is looking at what's next, and there's a new proposed plan for redesigning downtown Dallas.

You won't find too many people opposed to the idea of more parks in downtown Dallas. "I think it's great," said Alicia Johnson. "Most cities don't have enough parks and enough greenery."

"It's overdue," Rhonda Ford added.

On wednesday, the City Council will look at a new proposal that will create four additional parks downtown, increasing what's now 52 acres of green space to more than 87 acres.

"I know there's going to be some questions as to how this gets paid for," said District 2 City Council member Pauline Medrano.

Estimates put the price tag at somewhere between $80 and $100 million. The proposed parks are:

  • Pacific Plaza
  • Carpenter Plaza along Central Expressway going into Deep Ellum
  • Harwood Park near the Farmers Market
  • West End Plaza

Currently, Dallas lags behind cities of similar size in the amount of green space in its downtown area.

"With these four proposed parks ... we'll surpass Chicago for the downtown area, and we'll be right near Atlanta," Medrano said.

Medrano said the success of downtown parks like the Belo Garden and Klyde Warren Park shows people want to enjoy downtown outside of their cars and buildings.

"With us having 10,000 people already as residents downtown and over 130,000 people working downtown, it's always really nice to come and get some fresh air," she said.

Medrano said each of the new parks will be unique to their locations and will be near interstate highways and DART stations.

Medrano said she thinks the Council is mostly in favor of the proposal, and will explore how some public and private partnerships may help pay for the added green space.


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