DALLAS A visitor at downtown s new Perot Museum of Nature and Science was hospitalized late last month after his finger was caught on an exhibit, officials now say.

In a statement to News 8, the museum says the man was injured at the Jump exhibit in the Sports Hall. The attraction allows visitors to measure how high they can jump and see how compare it compares to elite athletes.

Emergency officials were contacted, and he was transferred to a hospital where he underwent treatment for an injury to his left ring finger, according to a statement the museum released late Tuesday afternoon. The visitor has not been identified.

Paramedics were called to the museum on December 30 around 11:30 a.m. and took him to Baylor Hospital. The severity of the man's injury is unclear.

Questions were swirling for days over Dallas newest attraction after word got out a visitor had somehow been hospitalized by an exhibit. Museum directors bluntly refused to talk about the accident or clarify any of the circumstances around it until Tuesday s statement, the first to offer any hard details on the incident.

The Jump exhibit has since been closed out of an abundance of caution so directors can review the situation, according to the statement.

The $185 million museum opened Dec. 1 to much fanfare and praise. Huge crowds have since swarmed the five-story complex. On some days, the museum has sold out of tickets.

The Jump exhibit is one of eight that have since been closed for a variety of reasons. Some visitors complained the museum should have warned them parts of the new attraction were off-limits.

People should probably know before they pay. I had no idea. The website didn t say anything, said Clara Doyle, 21, who visited the museum Tuesday with her friends. I understand there are problems they need to fix, but they should probably just warn us.


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