You look at where Washington is now, with a rookie at quarterback and a rookie running back who would be rookie of the year in most any other year...

... the Colts in the playoffs with a rookie quarterback after having the NFL's worst record last year...

... and the Cowboys keep saying they're getting better.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says changes are coming, but not the one they need to make.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett says they play hard for 60 minutes. It is a team that never gives up, and while some people say it is the faintest of praise, maybe they should watch how most other teams play.

I do think Jason Garrett is trying to change the culture at Valley Ranch, and I don't think it can be done.

But I also think this: If Garrett can't, then no one can.

Jerry Jones continues to think that he's a "football guy"... and continues to prove for more than 20 years now that he's just not.

Doesn't make him a bad guy... just not a "football guy."

When the owner of your favorite team is the most recognized face on that team, you have a bad team.

There's not many of you who could pick the Patriots' Robert Kraft or the Lakers' Jerry Buss out of a lineup of two (despite the 13 trophies they have).

And I know the Rooney family owns the Steelers, but there are people in witness protection who have higher profiles.

One playoff win in 16 NFL seasons... a revolving door for coaches... a free agent quarterback who is good enough to win in this league (but plays like the undrafted player he is too many times when it matters most).

A friend of mine has a great line: "How many players does it take to throw a Cowboys interception?"

"Four: One to throw the ball and three receivers to blame."

But at the end of the day (and the end of another season), I blame the owner. An owner who demands the credit for the trophies he did win... and none of the blame for the years that he didn't.

An owner who says it's going to be "uncomfortable" at Valley Ranch now, apparently realizing just now there's a problem at Valley Ranch.

And there's your problem.


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