DALLAS While it was certainly not the most tragic Texas fire of 2012, it may have been the most watched: Big Tex, engulfed in flames, the end result of an electrical short in his boot.

On Thursday, the State Fair of Texas launched a website meant to generate donations to Tex's rebirth. See, the famous, mildly animatronic, 52-foot State Fair icon was insured but only for about one-third of the cost to replace him.

Sue Gooding, State Fair spokeswoman, said his reconstruction will begin next month. A contract is already secured.

"That was a surprise to me at how far-reaching and how many people knew about Big Tex and how many people have weighed in on wanting to see him back here," Gooding said.

Become 'Tex's Friend' for $25. Or, for $1,000, become a 'Tall Texan.' It's really up to you.

However, the Tex reboot will come with a fire retardant to prevent something like this occurring again. Reconstruction begins next month at a secret location. Then comes the ever-important clothes fitting.

"We do have an appreciation for what Big Tex means to everyone," Gooding said. "He is a powerful marketing tool for the fair and you'll never take him for granted again. We will never take him for granted again."

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