DALLAS In a lawsuit filed against the city of Dallas, Senior Cpl. James Gurski alleges he was singled out by the Dallas Police Department command staff.

He said he has been publicly humiliated.

Over the years, the chief and city officials have asked News 8 not to report on this story, saying it would endanger lives. But now, the city is now ready to settle and made the case public.

In August 2011, the Dallas police command staff posted pictures of Cpl. Gurski at headquarters and its substation, saying not to let him inside. They placed the officer on administrative leave and covertly monitored him.

They also had patrol officers guarding his chain of command at their homes.

It was an unusual step, according to Dallas attorney Pete Schulte.

If they thought he was that big of a threat, then there are other things that should have been done, like taking him to a mental hospital or other action, Schulte said. 'No, just let's plaster his photo.'

According to a lawsuit filed by Gurski, the command staff unjustly and incorrectly identified him as a source of workplace violence.

This all began because Gurski had raised concerns about being rotated out of his desk job at headquarters and into patrol for two weeks, as mandated by the chief.

Gurski had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress after he was involved in three police shootings, so the department moved him out of patrol in 2004. His physician wrote a letter saying he had been diagnosed him with bi-polar disorder and PTSD.

According to the lawsuit, after commanders saw that in 2011, they took action, saying he was a threat.

I think in this particular case, the police department over-reacted and said something was there that wasn't, Schulte said.

According to multiple sources, Gurski never made any specific threats against anyone at the police department.

Two different psychiatrists including one picked by the department found him fit for duty.

Gurski has been on the force since 1995 with no serious discipline issues. In 2008, he was nominated by supervisors as officer of the year.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown, city officials, and Gurski's attorney declined to comment on this case. But one source close to this says the department just want the case to go away.

The Dallas City Council will vote Wednesday on a possible settlement of $435,000.


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