This week on Inside Texas Politics, Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst opens up about his U.S. Senate primary loss to fellow Republican Ted Cruz. And Dewhurst reveals why he might not be connecting with tea party voters. Host Jason Whitely and Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy ask the questions.


Your right to privacy: it's the Fourth Amendment. But sacrificing freedom for security has been a debate ever since the planes hit the twin towers 12 years ago. Still, tea party activist Katrina Pierson says the Obama administration has gone too far lately.


Ed Snowden is a name in the headlines a lot lately. He's the high school dropout turned NSA contractor who leaked details of the country's top-secret surveillance program. At issue: Is Snowden a whistleblower, a hero, or a traitor? Mark Davis of 660 AM The Answer addresses the issue from the right; author and producer Katie Sherrod shares her view from the left.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry is off to New York this week, hoping to convince businesses to relocate to Texas. But is he also trying to rehabilitate his presidential campaign? Jason Whitely is joined by Dallas Morning News Austin bureau chief Christy Hoppe and political writer Gromer Jeffers.


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