PLANO -- Jeff Nunn returned to his home Friday only to find more disappointment and destruction.

It was a butcher job, Nunn said.

A landscaper started working on his front yard early Friday, but the problem is, Nunn said he didn't hire him.

They mutilated the bushes, he said.

The damage isn't only on the outside of the home, it's inside too. The two-story house in the Kings Ridge neighborhood in Plano is trashed, from the first floor to the second floor. In one of the bedrooms, a cross was spray painted on a wall.

It's scary, Nunn said. This was a beautiful kitchen, so I have no idea what was going through their minds. I think it's a tragedy they would use a symbol like that and be of the nature that they are.

Nunn and his ex-wife are victims of a squatting scheme, police said. Investigators are looking into Jack Brewer, 74, and his wife, Zoe. They have not been charged in Nunn's case, but they are facing charges already in Denton County for allegedly taking over a home on Shadow Rock Drive.

Brewer is in jail for allegedly falsifying a deed. The Denton County District Attorney's Office told News 8 he was re-indicted. His wife is behind bars for burglary of a habitation.

News 8 spoke to the attorney representing the investment company who owns the Shadow Rock home. He said it took the owners a year to get the Brewers to move out, and were glad that they were arrested.

Back at Nunn's home, the landscaper returned. He told News 8 Brewer hired him for the job and represented himself as the owner. He also claims he has worked at other homes for Brewer, including the one on Shadow Rock.

Nunn called 911. Plano police showed up, but no one was arrested.

For Nunn, it's another twist in the investigation that's in its early stages. He fears what might be next.

It's a frustrating situation to be in, he said.


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