IRVING -- Irving Independent School District is investigating how a yearbook photo was altered to include a sexually-offensive remark.

The caption Ugly Hoe appeared instead of a cheerleader's name in a group photo.

The district has apologized and launched an investigation.

District spokesperson Leslie Weaver told News 8 the yearbook was checked by student and faculty editors before it went to print.

They say they have evidence the approved version did not contain the remark, but somehow the book was printed with the remark in place of the cheerleader's name. The district says more than 300 yearbooks were printed, but only about a dozen were distributed before the remark was caught.

However, the picture quickly found its way to social media and many students have seen it.

Joe Aquendo, a student at Irving High School, saw it on Twitter.

I think it's wrong to bully her that way, he said. No one deserves to be bullied like that.

The district said it won't take long to figure out who wrote the offensive remark.

Our educators have hearts and concern for the students, so immediately our concern is for that student and her well being, and to make sure we get this problem corrected as quick as possible, Weaver said.

The district said the student who did this will be punished under the district's code of conduct.

Administrators are trying to figure out how to fix the problem and replace the books.


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