Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa says the crowd at Rangers Ballpark Monday night was so loud... the phones aren't any good... and they didn't understand that he wanted his closer, Jason Mott.

LaRussa says he called twice.


Imagine what the national media would say (and the local media, too) if Rangers manager Ron Washington gave an answer like that.

The Rangers lose a Game 5 because he didn't know his closer wasn't ready? He didn't know who was warming up? And he leaves a left-hander in to pitch to, say... Albert Pujols? (And in this series, Mike Napoli is.)

You call the bullpen, say you want Mott to get ready; you say it twice. Rzepczynski and Lynn get up.

But then, I guess it could happen.

I remember the day our general manager called to tell me we had a new weather guy, wanted me to come in and meet Pete; says Pete will replace Troy.

I was stunned when I got here because I thought he said Finfrock.

Can you hear me now?


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