Sunday night's Game 6 of the NBA Finals won't be on the big screens at Victory Park, and trying to find out why has proven to be almost as hard as figuring out why Mavericks owner Mark Cuban a man with billions spends $3 for a haircut.

I keep getting the question... I keep asking... everybody keeps passing the buck... because I think it's all about the bucks.

But Cuban, in an e-mail Friday night, says crowds on the plaza would cause problems for people going in and out of the arena.

People who buy tickets.

The Mavericks are selling those $5 tickets to watch the game inside the American Airlines Center Sunday night, and I don't have a problem with that (even though a lot of those tickets end up in the hands of scalpers and brokers who then sell 'em for a lot more than $5... but it's the American way).

But if the building is sold out (and it is), why can't fans gather in the plaza and watch it there?

Traffic flow? Really? That's the reason?

So I'm still asking: Why can't fans watch it in the plaza?

Now I have no idea why anyone would actually do that. I'd rather watch it at home. But I'm told it's about the ambiance of being out with the crowd.

We at Channel 8 have even been told to turn our TV monitors around so no one can watch the game through the glass, and we are.

City officials are supposedly concerned about crowd control, and there is a great deal of concern that if our monitors are facing the plaza, people would press up against the glass (although they never have).

What I don't understand is why the city can't control a couple of hundred people looking through the glass during the game... but when 18,000 fans pour out of the American Airlines Center after the game, and we're doing the news live from this studio, those people they can control and our glass is safe?

I think someone's trying to cover their own glass.

This area was built with the hopes that huge crowds would come to the plaza, enjoy the shops, the restaurants and bars.

But as we've seen over the years, the city has done a remarkable job of controlling the crowds and keeping the crowds away... and we'll do our part to keep 'em away Sunday night, too.


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