DALLAS - A group of Dallas girls is getting a 'step-up' on their classmates as learn ballet after school.

It is no stretch to say that Debra Bazile is having a blast.

Bazile teaches a group of Anson Jones Elementary School students ballet every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

It's extremely important because at school they really don't have time to express themselves through the arts, so I found it very important that they have some sort of outlet where they are able to be themselves, said Bazille.

They can be themselves thanks in part to 'Junior Players.'

The non-profit children's theatre organization provides the students with free ballet lessons. A rare opportunity for most.

When I was little I wanted to be in ballet and now is my only chance to go, said second grade student Denali Huerta.

The aspiring ballerinas are taking advantage of the opportunity, one move at a time.

It's great, the kids just love it, said Alberto Herrera, Anson Jones Elementary School prinicpal. You get to see them in a different light, a more relaxed atmosphere, just a pleasure to watch the students enjoy themselves and take part in something positive.

A positive step thanks to some positive attitudes.

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