The husband of Brittni Colleps, the Kennedale High School teacher accused of having sex with five students, appears to be standing by her side for the upcoming legal fight.

Lex Johnston, the educator's attorney, told News 8 that Colleps' husband was with her on Monday as she turned herself in to police. He is also the person who bailed her out of jail.

Colleps is also getting compassion from what may seem to some to be an unlikely source the mother of one of her alleged victims.

Colleps, an English teacher and mother of three, is accused of having sex with several students at her home, during the same sexual act.

News 8 has learned that the families of at least two of the students say they do not want her to be prosecuted.

Police officers searched Colleps' residence in Arlington on Tuesday.

The latest I know is that the police came earlier this afternoon, executed a search warrant, collected items, and now they've left, Johnston said.

Brittni Colleps met her husband while she was still a teenager. Their marriage endured his deployment with the Army to Iraq, with Brittni caring for their three small children as she awaited his return.

This week, the teacher's attorney said her husband was again by her side as she was booked into jail. He bonded her out a few hours later.

I expect him to give a statement in the fairly near future, Johnston said.

The mother of one of Colleps' alleged victims is not waiting to make her opinion known. Her name is being withheld to protect her family's privacy, but she told News 8 she does not want to see the 27-year-old teacher and coach prosecuted.

I think she needs help, and I think all I can do is pray that things turn out for the best for her interest and her family's interest and I can only pray that the best turns out for my son, to continue his future and his endeavors without this holding him back, the unnamed woman said.

She pointed out that had the sex acts occurred a few weeks later, after graduation, they would not have been regarded as a crime.

At least one other student who allegedly had sex with the teacher agreed. In a written statement to News 8, he said: I don't want to press charges.

At least four of the students said to have been involved in the sexual encounter are Kennedale football players, and all are said to have scholarship offers.

A spokesman for the Tarrant County District Attorney's office told News 8 that they do take victim's opinions into consideration, but in the end the decision to prosecute belongs to the DA's office alone.


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