DENTON - They say everything is bigger in Texas, especially when you're talking about cattle.

Longhorns are a majestic symbol of the Lone Star State. But, for one Denton County couple, smaller is better.

Bill and Sandy Buck are successfully breeding miniature longhorns. They're half the size, but twice the value.

The Indian Mountain Ranch near Krum is home to one of the only miniature longhorn herds in the world.

Mr. Buck became fascinated with miniature longhorns 20 years ago when he was introduced to mini-horses. So, he asked his veterinarian.

He recommended we do it the same way we got miniature dogs, he said. Close the herd, keep the smaller ones and sell off the bigger ones.

Now, Buck has eighth generation mini-longhorns, and they're getting smaller and smaller.

Sometimes, if they think you're ignoring them, they'll take their horns and bump you like, 'Hey, I'm over here; Remember me?' Mrs. Buck said.

Adult longhorn cows usually weigh more than 800 pounds. The minis weigh around 400 pounds. The full-size bulls can weigh more than 1,600 pounds. The Bucks' bulls weigh 500.

Little Lady was born six months ago. She weighed just 16 pounds and stood 18-inches tall. That made her the smallest longhorn in the world.

The Bucks said they're selling their longhorn for more than double the price of full-size longhorn.

The more colorful they are and the smaller they are, the more we ask for them, Mr. Buck said.

You just fall in love with them, Mrs. Buck said. You watch them and they entertain, and they do their little play tag and chase each other.

Buyers seeking out minis are coming to the Bucks' Denton County ranch from across the country.

They don't eat as much, Mr. Buck said. They're easier to handle, and you can have more on the same acreage.

The Bucks have raised more than 100 miniature longhorns. They said the demand for miniatures outnumbers their supply. As for size, they're not done yet. They said they want to breed them even smaller.

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