DALLAS- There could be a shake-up coming to the Dallas County Elections office.

For the first time in two decades the election commission has scheduled a meeting.

The board's only job is to decide who oversees elections in Dallas County. Some members said they do not know what the meeting is about.

Dallas ElectionsAdministrator Bruce Sherbet has been on the job since 1987. That was the last time the election commission held a meeting, when Sherbert was hired.

The commission's new chairman, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, called a meeting for Friday.

It is a move that has many wondering why.

A better question is why they haven't done it for the next 27 years, said Judge Jenkins. There is a statute that says it shall be done, so I'm doing it.

I think they are under the misguidance that they have to meet every two years, said Sherbert. There is nothing in the election code that says we have to meet every two years.

Republican County Chairman Jonathan Neerman is a member of the commission. He is very suspicious of the meeting.

It seems like its a political move to try to get rid of Bruce Sherbet as elections administrator, said Neerman.

Neerman is a strong supporter of Sherbet, but so is Democrat Chairman Darlene Ewing. They are two of the five votes on the commission. Since it would take five votes to remove Sherbet, it appears his job is safe.

So another question lingers: Is Jenkins after Sherbet's job?

I don't want you to take this that I am unhappy with him, we have a policy in Dallas County of not commenting on employees, Jenkins said I have a good relationship with Mr. Sherbet.

It is a no comment which does not give enough hints to answer the question. So the speculation continues.

Could be much ado about nothing, said Neerman.

The meeting is scheduled for Friday. Judge Jenkins says it should only take five to ten minutes.


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