FORT WORTH Fort Worth officially unveiled its plans for a memorial to President John F. Kennedy in downtown's General Worth Square on Tuesday.

Kennedy spent the final night of his presidency at a Fort Worth hotel. Then the president gave a speech to the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Worth.

They were a part of the extended Fort Worth family, said Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief. The way we treat anyone who comes to our city, while they are here, they are a member of our extended family.

Immediately after his Fort Worth stop, the president headed to Dallas, where he was gunned down during a downtown motorcade on November 23, 1963.

To mark Fort Worth's place in history, an eight-foot bronze sculpture of JFK is being built, as well as visuals and audio recordings.

I think this is more than a tribute; it's a statement of our city, Moncrief said.

The project is the work of Downtown Fort Worth Initiatives, Inc.

We are halfway to our goal of a million dollars for construction, said Andy Taft of Downtown Fort Worth.

The group needs $500,000 to create the surrounding plaza, and another $500,000 to maintain it. Now it's up to public donations to make that happen.

The monument is scheduled to open in May of next year.


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