ALLEN Here's a lesson in stretching your dollar, and it comes from some elementary school students in Allen; it's a part of their commitment to Rachel's Challenge.

Their message? The Power of One.

Each student at Marion Elementary was asked to take one dollar to see how much good they could do in the community.

Their answer to the challenge delivered stuffed animals for children in the hospital and money donated for homeless pets.

And then there was a group who bought 95 pieces of candy and exchanged each piece for a canned good. They collected 137 cans in all.

Third grader Aurdrey Northam had her own idea. I went to the hospital and made a hat and gave it to a baby and I wrote a note for the mom, she said.

Second grader Ariel knows what it's like to be in the hospital without toys, so she gave hers to a hospital.

And then there were students like Andrew Northam. I took a dollar out of my wallet and I went door-to-door asking people if they can match my dollar, he said.

Andrew collected $45, but didn't stop there. He used the money to buy turkey and stuffing for the needy.

If they don't feel good, they don't feel like anyone cares about them, he said. One person makes a difference.

A true lesson in The Power of One.

Rachel's Challenge was founded in honor of Rachel Scott, the first victim in the Columbine shooting. Her father started the program after reading her journal.

Rachel wrote about making a positive impact on the world. Rachel's Challenge teaches compassion and service, with the idea that one good deed will lead to another.

WFAA has teamed up with Rachel's Challenge. Throughout the school year we'll be profiling schools and students as they start their own chain reaction.

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