DALLAS - It's Creepy Critter Month for the kids at Heart House Dallas.

The apartment-based after-school program provides an educational program for the children that live at Stratford Hill. They're studying black cats, bats, spiders and owls during the four-week unit.

We're learning about cats, said Roger Martinez, 7. Some of the cats are allergic to milk and some are not.

During the unit, the children are learning the factual, historical and fictional significance of creepy critters. During WFAA's visit, it was obvious the kids love getting down on the floor to mimic cats.

It really helps them connect with what they are learning about, said Allison Caldwell, site coordinator. It takes it to another place where it's fun and really creative and imaginative for them.

In addition to learning about critters, the goal of the program is for the students to come away with a sense of accomplishment and confidence that they may not be able to get anywhere else.

Heart House Dallas serves between 150 and 160 kids in gradesK-8 at four sites daily. There are five different languages spoken by students at Heart House, and 98 percent of the children speak English as a second language.

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