What should we do with those who abuse the innocent? Fire them, or something more? It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Video from WFAA's David Schechter August 16 report detailed the beating of an autistic teen while in the care of a state-run hospital.

While Corey Baker is 17, he has the mentality of a toddler and used to live in Austin at a living center for adults with special needs. It had a pretty good reputation. You should be pleased about that; it is state-supported, so you pay for it.

Corey's Mother placed him there, trusting he would get the best of care. Instead, he was subjected to the worst of nightmares.

You see, Corey was apparently beaten by a new staff member, and so badly it left bruises. When his Mother saw the injuries, she took him home.

Staff members said they knew who did it and sent the guy packing when they learned of what he had done. If they do know it, I'm wondering why the district attorney's office in Austin is not prosecuting? When you hurt the innocent it ought to cost you more than your job.

We don't know the name of the accused attacker, but if it is true and it can be proven, he needs to be a guest of the state of Texas, and not a special living center but a penitentiary.

If you or I do this to someone in full possession of their faculties we end up in Lew Sterrett.

I don't pretend to know whether there is any law protecting employees under these circumstances. If there is, it needs to go.

Corey deserves justice and has a right to expect it from the rest of us, and so does the person who committed this crime.

My thoughts, tell me yours:

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