DALLAS - Turning down requests for interviews, the question of whether Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison will resign is still up in the air.

Since Hutchison left the stage following her concession speech on primary night, her silence left many to speculate that she might serve her full term to the end of 2012.

She's now dealing with the idea that she only got 30 percent of the vote in a primary that many expected her to do much better in, and now the question is how she wants to finish out? said Cal Jilson, an SMU political science professor.

If she knows or changed her plans, she's not saying, at least where the public can hear. Hutchison has turned down all interview requests.

On Capitol Hill, The Dallas Morning News posted reporters in an attempt to talk with her following a Tuesday luncheon for senators.

There's usually one spot where you can get all of them coming and going, said Todd Gillman, a reporter with The Dallas Morning News. But, it's the Senate; there are lots of doors [and] they can come and go however they want. And, if they want to avoid reporters, they can, and that's what she did.

Last November, she said she will resign after the primary, but then said that could be next November.

I think it means she intends to stay, Gillman said. The longer she waits, the more likely it is that people will forget that she had said that she would quit.

With Republicans urging her to stay, she weighs the future and deals with the hurt of the past.

I think she is still coming to terms with having been beaten very badly in this primary, Jilson said.


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