WACO One day before Baylor University is scheduled to take possession of its new stadium, they opened the doors to the media.

'For the most part, what you see is what you get,' said Jim Healey, senior project manager for Austin Flintco, which built the stadium. 'We're pretty well done. We're looking at touch-up paint and that kind of thing right now.'

McLane Stadium is a proud addition to the Baylor landscape, especially since football has been off-campus since 1936.

'I could take any seat in the stadium and argue it's the best seat in the stadium,' Healey boasted.

It's a structure that was built by the same company that rebuilt TCU's stadium.

'Yeah, I basically came from TCU to here, and it was fun to build both of them,' said Jeff Horn, senior superintendent for Austin Flintco. 'It was fun to build this one as well.'

Baylor's facility has a $260 million price tag. Construction has been underway since September 2012; that's 23 months. Now we're less than two weeks from seeing our first football game.

Visiting recruits will have their very own field view. The Baylor club will serve six founders suites and 39 premium suites.

The locker room is shaped like a giant football, but nothing beats the view from the President's box.

'For every college that's looking at doing a new stadium, this is the standard for collegiate football stadiums,' said Brian Nicholson, Baylor VP of facilities and operations. 'We've set it so people can chase it.'

Dave Campbell, who has been publishing a football magazine since 1960, graduated from Baylor 60 years ago.

'This will be my seventh field that I've been in Waco, and this of course is beyond compare,' he said. 'It's beyond fabulous.'

Part of the turf at the old Floyd Casey Stadium where Baylor won 19 of their last 20 home games will be used as a family entertainment area at the new facility.

'We'll start a new trend and a new era,' head coach Art Briles said. 'Hopefully we can be as effective as Floyd Casey was for us.'

And that new era will begin with Baylor's first home game against SMU on August 31.

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