DALLAS Less than two weeks after Allie Dickerson's husband died on the Katy Trail, she met and thanked the fellow jogger who tried to save him.

Earlier this month, Allie Dickerson contacted News 8. She wanted our help tracking down the young men who carried her husband into the shade and called 911 after he collapsed along the trail during a run with his wife.

Despite the efforts of the Good Samaritans, 55-year-old Marcus Dickerson died. Doctors later said his heart gave out.

Since that moment, Allie has wanted to say 'thank you' to those who helped as she learns to cope with her loss.

'It just became very important to me to find out who had been so kind to help us that day,' she said.

Five days after the initial story was broadcast, 31-year-old avid jogger Greg Samford reached out.

'We helped when there was nobody around to help, and I wish we could have done more ... but we weren't able to,' Samford said.

On Wednesday morning, Samford had a bittersweet reunion with Allie Dickerson.

'I wanted you to know how special you are that you took the time to help me, and I wanted to say thank you,' Dickerson said tearfully.

'Well, I hope anyone would do that in your situation,' Samford replied.

They met on the worst day of her life as strangers. Close to two weeks later, they talked for just a few minutes; helping each other one more time, with just a little bit of closure.

'It was just so wonderful what you did, because I feel like we did the best that we could do for him,' Dickerson said.


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