McKINNEY-- Scott Enriquez knew something was wrong when he looked into his car and noticed his credit cards and money missing.

So he pulled up the surveillance video from his home security system. That's when he saw two teenage boys going through his car.

'You can see them communicating. They open the doors to get inside the car to steal money and credit cards and then after that they tried to get in my wife's car,' he said.

Enriquez then did what many others are doing these days, he took to social media to catch the thieves.

Wednesday he posted the video on YouTube and Facebook.

'It kind of exploded from there. Like a lot of things you see on the Internet. Three to four thousand hits in less than 48 hours.. So pretty good,' he said.

Enriquez says he didn't think twice about posting the video, especially since you can clearly see the suspects. One of them even counts the money as he's walking away.

'I wanted all the neighbors to know. We see them, we caught them. So if you see them and know who they are, let us know.'

And they did. McKinney police were flooded with calls of people who recognized the pair.

They have been identified and McKinney police say they are now suspected in other car break-ins.

Enriquez says the moral of the story is that there are cameras everywhere. You never know if what you're doing will be captured on tape for the world to see.


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