DENTON -- She survived a gunshot to the face and Friday, Nancy Howard was back on the witness stand. The state alleges her husband paid to have her killed in a complex and costly hit.

Her now ex-husband is out on a million dollars bond and sat quietly inside the Denton courtroom while the state called both his wife and mistress to testify.

The state alleges John 'Frank' Howard paid more than $100,000 trying get his wife of 30 years killed.

On Aug. 18, 2012, Nancy Howard was shot outside their Carrollton home. She lost one of her eyes in what she initially thought was a robbery. It left her in a coma for day.

During her second day of testimony, attorneys questioned Nancy Howard on her recovery in Parkland Hospital. They told the jury that Frank Howard, away on a business trip, came to her bedside -- in an attempt to show Howard was participating in a cover up.

'As you lay there recovering from a gunshot wound, did he say the potential shooter was someone he was being blackmailed by?' an attorney for the state asked.

Howard replied, 'No, ma'am.'

Following Nancy Howard, the stated called Suzanne Leontieff to the stand.

Leontieff, who lives in Santa Cruz, California, testified she met Frank Howard in 2009, and that Howard was extremely generous with her for years -- even buying her a $900,000 home in Southern California.

When asked if Howard ever talked about leaving his wife, Leontieff responded, 'He was worried about her mental state, that she might hurt herself.'

Testimony is expected to continue Monday morning.

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