DALLAS Movie buffs and beer drinkers alike are rejoicing at the news that Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is expanding yet again this time south of downtown Dallas.

The Cedars/South Lamar neighborhood was chosen to house the 'theater for movie fans by movie fans,' slated to open in mid-2015.

It will include an eight-screen theater and a Glass Half Full Taproom with two patios and a view of downtown at the southwest corner of South Lamar and Cadiz Streets. It is taking over a blighted and vacant building.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema DFW executive James Wallace said the new site will also have space for outdoor screenings and live bands.

Neighbors watching the area change and develop says they are looking forward to the possibilities taking shape.

'I'm very excited,' said neighbor Amber Autrey.

They see The Cedars transforming into what they hope will become a destination near the heart of Dallas.

'I think a movie theater is great to add to the development,' said neighbor Jarrell Aleem. 'It's a lot to bring our families, and adds in with the park they have. It's a perfect fit.'

This is the second North Texas location for the Austin-based theater; the first opened in Richardson last August.

The theaters are noted for unique programming events, like quote-alongs, and partnerships with local businesses and breweries to provide food and beverages. There are no advertisements in the pre-show entertainment and the theater chain has a zero-tolerance policy with those who talk or text during films.

'We're super excited to finally have a theater in Dallas proper and be part of the growth in the downtown Cedars/South Lamar district,' Wallace said. 'Not only from a location standpoint, but in terms of my role, I'm excited for the programming personality an Alamo in that area has the potential to have. Plus as a movie nerd, to have a theater that looks out over the same iconic Dallas skyline that served as Old Detroit in RoboCop is pretty rad!'

The theater will be located about halfway between the Omni Dallas Hotel and South Side on Lamar.

'Everything about downtown and South Dallas dovetails perfectly with the Alamo brand,' said Alamo Drafthouse DFW Owner and COO Bill DiGaetano. 'The convergence of chef-driven restaurants, food trucks, craft breweries, the Arts District, and homegrown/local retail are all complimentary characteristics of Alamo culture and lifestyle.'

And the Cedars neighborhood is on board.

'Oh, I love it!' said Blaise Gentry. 'That's why I love to live down here, because it's constantly growing. It's constantly new things opening up.'

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