ADDISON Police in Addison says a man who abducted his grandson walked into the Addison Police Department about 12 hours after taking the child from a residence.

David Margulies, a spokesman with Addison police, said 41-year-old Tommy Williams talked on the phone with FBI agents, who talked the suspect into going to the Addison police station.

Authorities say Michael John Mitchell was found safe after an Amber Alert was issued for the toddler earlier in the day.

'The little boy is fine,' Margulies said. 'He was asleep in the backseat of the car. He was playing with officers here, seems none the worse for wear.'

The boy's grandmother, Sandy Mitchell, said she cares for the boy. She said 41-year-old Tommy Williams, the boy's grandfather, came to her home in the 15800 block of Spectrum Drive and took the boy.

Margulies said an altercation took place before Williams fled the scene with the child.

'This was more of a family dispute,' he said of the abduction. 'It's not a stranger grabbing someone else's child. This is someone they know and have a long time relationship with.'

Police will investigate further to determine if any charges will be filed.

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