BURLESON The Johnson County Sheriff's Office is looking into the theft of three English Bulldog puppies from the home of a winning breeder in Burleson over the weekend.

Lucky and Donna Watson have bred 14 champion English Bulldogs as part of their DoWats Bulldog Ranch.

'It's a hobby and it's a lifestyle for my parent,' said their daughter Cristy Pope. 'We love them. They're babies to us!'

Pope has grown up with bulldogs. Her parents have been out of town the past week showing one of their dogs, so a nephew stayed to watch the others.

Everything was going smoothly until Pope said he went out Friday night, came home to sleep, then woke up Saturday morning.

'[He] got up to go take care of the dogs, feed the dogs, let the dogs out, give them their medication... and they were gone,' Pope said.

The three bulldog puppies share a prize-winning lineage. They are Mac, Sky and Cowboy, and the family is praying that you've seen them.

'My greatest fear is that somebody has either left them out in the heat for them to die, or dumped them somewhere, or killed them,' Pope said.

The Sheriff's Office has swept the property for prints. It's possible the thieves think they could sell the pups for a lot of money, but they forgot to take the paperwork proving their pedigree.

To Pope, the animals feel like family, and like any case of a loved one gone missing, the people left behind just want them home.

'We want the dogs back safe and that's all. No questions asked,' she said. 'Just bring them back!'

If you have any information, please contact the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.


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